QT and Envirosell

About us

A “traditional” background and our sights set on the future:
we are driven by change and guided by innovation.
Our journey has brought us to the world of Retail and
we have been partners with Envirosell New York since 1994.
We have been analysing sales points and studying customers before they were even called “shoppers”.

What we do?

Market research and consultancy for industry and retail.


QT srl

20129 Milano
via Vitruvio, 2
t. +39.02.29408897 | f. 02.29405764
email info@qtsrl.it
Qualitative division qualitative.division@qtsrl.it
Quantitative division quantitative.division@qtsrl.it



New York, NY 10010
907 Broadway
t. (212) 673-9100 – f. (212) 673-8368

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