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The digital era calls for a strategic vision that’s both integrated and global.  Consumers are projected into an on-off world that goes from real to virtual, thus, the context becoming more and more that of global shopper marketing.
QT is well aware of the evolutions taking place in this sector and, as a result, has developed ‘QT System’: a multifunctional tool for carrying out online studies which is able to quickly reach customers and non-customers alike via a web platform, resulting in significant cost saving benefits (from 30% to 60%).
QT can also provide a complete service right through to its “do-it-yourself” approach, by conducting specific training which allows a company to directly carry out less complex online studies using its own staff.
Additionally, our Retail Division extends its experience and expertise in conducting research studies in traditional stores to the e-commerce world.
Through its initial e-shopper study, QT in fact then offers a series of solutions to help optimize e-commerce sites and online sales performance:

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